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You wish to be part of a stable, dynamic and very united team of partners among our industry’s elite?
You want to evolve in a working environment favoring frank and respectful relationships and a personalized, sain and participative management, while contributing to the improvement of the methods and procedures of the company, to insure its constant progress?
C.H. Express Inc is a serious and well established company, reuniting a group of exceptional people, with diversified and complementary professional experiences, committed and devoted to a same goal: exceeding its clients’ expectations in order to maintain its leading position in its domain.
If you are tempted by the idea of joining a polyvalent, flexible, creative and constantly evolving team, do not hesitate any more and contact us today…

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Homme de maintenance

Tu n'as pas peur de te salir les mains et pour toi la mécanique n'a plus de secret ! Quand tes chums te disent << Hey! Mon moteur fait keclin keclin keclin>>

Tu es LA solution à leurs problèmes! Tu es donc la personne idéale pour ce poste! Yé!!! Ce qu'il risque de t'arriver si tu te joins à nous : 

Avertissement  peut causer de la dépendance. Faire partie d'une équipe dont tu ne pourras plus te passer (Nous sommes teeeellement attachants) et travailler dans une ambiance vraiment l'fun !!! Vivre l'expérience 5 @ 7+++ avec l'équipe la plus cool en ville! Profiter de nos dîners BBQ  offerts et concoctés par LE BOSS! Miam ! Et encore +++

Si tout ça t'interpelle et que tu aimerais en savoir plus, envoie-nous ton CV. Tu peux aussi venir nous rencontrer, on aime ça la visite!

On a hâte de te connaître !

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Long distance driver – Class 1 « Flat Bed / Step Deck »

Long distance driver – Class 1 « Flat Bed / Step Deck »
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Marc-André Hubert
Drivers joining the C.H. Express Inc team, benefit from exceptional working conditions to enlist in an elite industry of professionals.

 As a driver, you will be offered personalized support in a stimulating and friendly environment. In order to insure the high-quality service offered to our clientele, our drivers receive daily support in their tasks and a complete training. In joining our dynamic team, you will receive the following advantages:

  • Recent Volvo or Freightliner truck
  • National accounts for mecanical repairs, tire repairs, etc…
  • Direct Deposit
  • Collective Insurance Program
  • Registered retirement savings plan with employer contribution
  • Complete support 24hrs a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
  • Regular work in Flat Bed / Step Deck to various destinations, in USA, mostly on distances of 1500 miles and more
  • Modern installations available to drivers, including washer/dryer, bathrooms with showers, driver's lounge (TV, X-Box & Kinect, pool table, WiFi, etc...) and a gym 
  • Preauthorized truck and trailer wash on the road

Required Qualifications 

  • Hold a valid driver license Class 1 or equivalent
  • Possess a valid experience on tractor-trailer or equivalent training
  • Possess a good driving record and spotless criminal record
  • Experience on Flat Bed / Step Deck trailer, an asset
  • Professionalism, honesty and have a positive attitude
  • Have good knowledge of French and English languages, Spanish knowledge is an asset

- Senior Status (More then 2 years of experience):
  "Driving" / "On duty" 
   Starting salary : 33$/hr - 18$/hr 
   Year 1: 33$/hr - 20$/hr 
   Year 2: 34$/hr - 20$/hr 
   Year 3: 34$/hr - 20$/hr 
   Year 5: 35$/hr - 20$/hr

- Junior Status (Less then 2 years of experience):
  "Driving" / "On duty" 
   Starting salary: 25$/hr - 20$/hr 

   Year 1: 28$/hr -  20$/hr
   Year 2: 34$/hr -  20$/hr 
   Year 3: 34$/hr -  20$/hr
   Year 5: 35$/hr -  20$/hr

  • • After working 60 hrs in a week you will be paid time and a half
  • • Premium for "lay over" : 200$ per day
  •   Premium for canvases
  •   Premium for "wide load" : 75$ per day
  • • Premium for "inspection without violation" : 50$ per day
  • • Premium for "pick ups and deliveries" : 25$ each (in addition to the hourly wage)
  • • 69$ per day non-taxable for expenses (included in the hourly wage)
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