C.H. Express Inc. is specialized in road transportation across Canada, the United States and Mexico. The company also offers turnkey solutions for specialized, sea and air transport. To be able to do so, C.H. Express Inc. relies on partnerships with a great amount of reliable contributors that respect its requirements and are present all around the world to forward its clients merchandises.

C.H. Express' role consist in offering perfectly adapted solutions to the most various needs (specialized or oversized transport, container transportation, road, sea or air transport, local or long distance transport, logistics, storage, freight consolidation, merchandise crossdocking, etc.) at the most competitive rates. C.H. Express Inc. is a transportation company from Québec that applies strict and compliant qualification and tracking procedures outperforming the agreed standards by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Canada Services Border Agency, Transport Canada and Transports Québec, the U.S. DOT and the FMCSA for the supervision of its personnel and the choice of its suppliers. We guarantee you an unsurpassed quality of service and this, no matter what service you request.


SERVICES We guarantee unparalleled quality, regardless of the service you utilize !