The B-Train Trailer is the best option for transportation of any shipment that goes up to a height and a width of about 120 in. The B-Train Trailer allows a side and upper loading; on a loading dock, it only allows rear train loading. All these loading options facilitate the handling of different merchandise. It also offers a greater safety for the shipment due to the fact that it is firmly attached to several anchor points. Attention: the B-Train is not authorized in all American States (information upon request)

» B-Train


Super B, Double, Maxi


Technical specifications:

  • Air ride suspension
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Floor with wood inserts for shipments that need more tie-down points
  • Available in 5 axles or more
  • Length combinations: 28 ft – 28 ft to 32 ft – 28 ft
  • Height from the ground: About 60 in.
  • Loading capacity:
    • 102 in. large
    • About 102 in. high                     
  • Weight: varies according to the model of the trailer and the combination with the tractor, the time of year and the destination.
  • Each trailer is equipped with:
    • Tie-down chains
    • Tie-down straps
    • Protective tarpaulins against adverse weather
    • Wooden wedges to protect the merchandise   
    • Various pieces of wood to secure the load

Our customers use the Flat Bed Trailer for the transportation of:

  • Building material
  • Cable on reels
  • Industrial equipment
  • Processed wood
  • Steel
  • Gypsum
  • Granite